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Experiment for the Spammers

I had no idea how much spam hits any random blog until this site went up. Now, you would have no idea how much crap hits this site as spam comments, and we get approximately ZERO traffic. I will hereby post any and all crap comments this post gets, and you can have a laugh …

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oh look, a soap box…

And Ye, He shall Standeth upon It… I was perusing Reddit, and I stumbled across this:¬† I’m guessing of the 3 people that ever visit this site, 33% may have heard of reddit. I’ll be clear; I don’t have an account and am not a “redditor”. However I check out the generic site regularly for …

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The League: Season 3

I’m looking forward to the shenanigans, no doubt, but I’m surprised to see Seth Rogen taking up a role in the show. I realize it’s a part that was referenced a lot last season, and now they want to come through with a funny character to fill it, but still, I’m surprised he’s the guy. …

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