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Siege of Drone Base Gloria

I recently read a book called The Siege of Drone Base Gloria, by Antje Bas. It’s a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the nature of drone warfare, future dystopia, as well as the “culture of protest” response by the public. An obvious, though thought provoking, comedy I give it only 6 out for 10 for observational humor, …

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Journey Toward the Firms

A previous post introduced readers to the universe of The Good Corporation, one book in the same titled series by Lazarus Abraham about a White Collar worker who eventually turns Entrepreneur and founds a multi-strategy hedge fund that is a community in itself, both socially and physically. Having now read several other books in the …

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Code Green

I recently read a book called Code Green by Chris Haywood. It’s another book about a dystopian future, but with the unique quality that global high-tech despotism came about under the pretense of the well-known green agenda. The book, however, has a much less happy ending compared to other dystopian novels and, of course, to …

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Rules of the Trade

I recently read a book called Rules of the Trade by Joe Weissman. This early 2012 release is a sort of running stream of consciousness by a guy who started his professional career in October 2007, literally the month the Great Recession began according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. The first words of …

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Inside the Universe of “The Good Corporation”

I recently read Lazarus Abraham’s The Good Corporation. I found the storyline’s universe very interesting and thought I would compile a reference for other readers of this fine work. All in all it was a good and timely read. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Before I delve into the reference, here is …

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