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observations from 15 minutes of Transformers II

“There’s no way they could survive that.” “Oh good, there hasn’t been enough slow-mo.” “I didn’t expect Optimus to say something that heroically cliche.” “Wow, the timing was just… perfect.” “Unnecessary explosion/action scene/gross moment/movie in general.” “Why does that robot have a Hispanic accent?” ________ PS:  ”That robot just said, ‘That’s old school, yo!’… I …

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Oh the Majesty that is “Rocky IV”

First thing’s first: I did NOT sit down with the intention of watching Rocky IV. Let me get that out there right away. I did however find myself stumbling across it on AMC last night, in the midst of an unbelievable 80′s training montage, and I was immediately transfixed. Next thing you know, an hour and …

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