Bagel Theory

This section provides a historical account of the turning points in the development of Bagel Theory, and the men and women who have played a role in the evolution of this  philosophical/existential school of thought.

The Everything Bagel in all its Glory


Wilfred C. Cummings and The Hole of Everything

“If God should speak, it would be through the hole of the everything bagel.” – Wilfred C. Cummings (1873-1929) It is known that Wilfred C. Cummings uttered this mysterious phrase upon his daughters birth the day he returned from Europe in May 1914.  The inspiration and meaning behind the quote, left largely unexplained by Cummings, …

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The Gregford Gordon Corollary

Over the years scholars hotly debated the Cummings theory surrounding the paradox of the Everything Bagel. No significant headway was made until  the mid1980′s, when Gregford Gordon burst on the Everything Bagel scene. Until that point, Gordon had tread a difficult road professionally. He had been a silent partner in the initial funding of Apple …

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Ting Caught In Mid-Bagel-Analysis

Eberya Ting Bager

It was during President Obama’s March 2009 stimulus of over one trillion dollars that MIT Professor of Mathematical Metaphysics Ting Xiaojing Ting received over twenty million dollars in largely unrecorded grants to address the Gregford Gordon Corollary through the application of modern science. While the ensuing scandal called into question Professor Ting’s research, the pattern …

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